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Speaking ahead of publication, the British writer had wondered whether readers might be put off by the surface elements of his story, which follows an elderly couple on a quest through a Dark Ages landscape populated by mythical creatures and shrouded in an amnesia-inducing mist. His fears were partly realised. One review in the New York Times described it as a “ham-handed fairy tale” reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings and George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones , while on the other side of the genre divide the novelist Ursula Le Guin took umbrage at Ishiguro’s apparent dismissiveness and wrote scathingly of how his book failed as fantasy. She and Ishiguro later patched things up but by then the terms of the discussion around the book were set: an old argument over literary snobbery had been reignited and The Buried Giant was caught between the lines.

Jonathan Krisp - ScalextrickJonathan Krisp - ScalextrickJonathan Krisp - ScalextrickJonathan Krisp - Scalextrick